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Building on the traditions of quality service and cutting-edge technology established by its pioneering founders, Radiology Associates today is a large professional corporation. All physicians in the group are certified by the American Board of Radiology. As a multi-hospital radiology group in the Richmond area, Radiology Associates has access to the latest imaging equipment.

Utilizing state-of-the-art modalities, Radiology Associates physicians provide service across the full spectrum of diagnostic radiology. Each of the hospitals in which Radiology Associates practices has magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography, ultrasound, and angiographic equipment.

Making use of the technology of teleradiology, Radiology Associates has established an inter-hospital linkage, which provides primary diagnostic evaluations rapidly and efficiently, 24 hours a day. The linkage is also used to facilitate consultation among group members.

Several members of the group practice in the fast growing specialty of interventional radiology, performing renal and peripheral transluminal (balloon) angioplasty, intransvascular stent placement, peripheral thrombolysis, therapeutic embolization, fallopian tube catheterization, and numerous other diagnostic and therapeutic radiology procedures. These physicians have received advanced fellowship training in Interventional Radiology, Neuroradiology, Nuclear Medicine, Computed Tomography, Ultrasound, and Angiography.

Dr. Aggarwal, Atul
Dr. Baker, William P.
Dr. Beauchamp, Ray
Dr. Bezirdjian, Diran
Dr. Brenner-Vincent, M
Dr. Chung, Jiyearn Katya
Dr. Cohen, Matthew
Dr. Conrad, William Scott
Dr. Cross, Kieran
Dr. Cunningham, W. Scott
Dr. Cuthbert, Nathaniel W.
Dr. Dawson, Elizabeth
Dr. Fidler, Melanie
Dr. Fidler, Robert
Dr. Fuller, R. Westwood
Dr. Girevendulis, Alexander
Dr. Gray, Adam McCoy
Dr. Hogge, Jacquelyn P.
Dr. Holthaus, Lowrey H.
Dr. Hull, Jeffrey
Dr. Hurwitz, Jutius

Dr. Kelleher, Nicole
Dr. Kuta, A. John
Dr. Laine, Fred
Dr. Martin, George W.
Dr. May, David
Dr. McCormick, Craig
Dr. Morgan, Jeffrey T.
Dr. Nordgren, Aaron Dirk
Dr. Pieters, Philip
Dr. Pommersheim, William
Dr. Raval, Vasu
Dr. Reece, Gerry L
Dr. Rowell, Craig
Dr. Snyder, James
Dr. Snyder, John
Dr. Spinos, Efstathios
Dr. Straton, Cary
Dr. Thompson, J. Keith
Dr. Underhill, Thomas
Dr. Wadsworth, James D.
Dr. Weigle, Jeffrey Paul
Dr. Wiebe-King, Steven M.


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