Balloon Kyphoplasty

Radiology Associates of Richmond Section of Interventional Radiology is pleased to offer a Medicare approved, minimally invasive surgical technique called Balloon Kyphoplasty. Kyphoplasty is indicated for the treatment and reduction of Vertebral Compression Fractures (VCF) caused by primary and secondary osteoporosis, multiple myeloma, bone metastases, and hemangioma. The benefit and objective of the procedure is to provide immediate pain relief through stabilization of the fracture and restored height of the vertebrae. Over 355,000 fractures have been treated with Balloon Kyphoplasty and enclosed is a brochure that explains the procedure. At the CJW Johnston-Willis Campus Neurovascular Center we have treated in excess of 500 VCF’s over the past 8 years, a large number of cases have also been done at Henrico Doctors Hospital, Forest Campus.

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