Dr. Jeffrey E. Hull – The Ellipsys Vascular Access Device – Now FDA Approved

There has been a major advancement in dialysis care and treatment at Richmond Vascular Center.

The Ellipsys® Vascular Access System provides a groundbreaking, minimally invasive and cost effective method to create a percutaneous arteriovenous (AV) fistula for hemodialysis access in patients with End-Stage Renal Disease.   AV fistula creation methods have not changed in 50 years. Ellipsys can change that.

“In the United States and around the world, there is a shortage of dedicated access surgeons to create AV fistulas. The Ellipsys system (Avenu Medical) could increase the number and types of physicians capable of creating reliable fistulas to include endovascular surgeons, interventional radiologists, and interventional nephrologists. In addition to this, important goals are to improve patient care by creating and maturing fistulas quickly to reduce the time from request for fistula to usable access for dialysis, thereby reducing morbidity associated with temporary catheter access.” Dr. Jeffrey E. Hull, Endovascular Today June 2015

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